Profesor de Ingles Nativo Mar del Plata

Publicado por Alfonz Alvarez Particular Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, AR
Profesor de Ingles Nativo

Detalles de anuncio: Profesor de Ingles Nativo Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, AR

Precio: 850 ARS
Are you serious enough about learning English to pay large commercial institute prices and commit to monthly classes? If yes, then I can make you a much better offer!
With me, you get the same level of, NATIVE SPEAKER WITH THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS (DOCTORATE) POSSIBLE, instruction that I taught in United States. universities without actually moving to the U.S. and enrolling in a university. You receive:
• Lower cost per hour in groups (850 pesos per person per hour)
• Smaller, more personalized, group sizes (up to five people)
• Group classes taught in your home/business (on your schedule)
• Payment is per class in cash, when you arrive (not beforehand)
• 30 years of teaching experience at secondary/adult academic and executive levels
• Curriculum can be customized to your needs (certificate programs/business language)
TOEFEL, Cambridge/Oxford Programs, university (written) entrance exams, hospitality industry protocols, translation certificate preparations, academic preparation, etc...
It's your choice- you can keep paying higher prices for larger classes on institute schedules, with instructors that learned English in a certificate program from another Spanish speaker with only a certicate (a copy of a copy with limited superficial understanding of pronunciation/finer points of grammatically correct phrasing) -or- you can choose a native speaking university professor with a Ph.D..
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